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Salt Water Therapy is born of a passion for the ocean, recovery, and surfing. Our mission is not only to teach surfing, but to assist in connecting people with something bigger than themselves and providing our clients with new experiences that have the power to transform their lives.  Nature is a powerful force, and when harnessed, can assist with attitude improvement, physical and mental well being, and even help bring people back from the depths of addiction.


Each sessions starts off with a foundation of ocean safety and basic training on how to surf.  This surf lesson is followed by guided meditation and visualization experiences.  This innovative combination of physically interacting with the ocean, light therapy, and meditation has helped many people find peace in their lives and achieve their goals.

Founded by Jack Newkirk, who's personal recovery was supported by a deep connection to the ocean, Salt Water Therapy's entire goal is to help others obtain the same peace, joy, and connection to the world that Jack found and helped change his life.


 Jack is a drug and alcohol counselor and RADT. He is a Rescue Relay Champion for the USA, sponsored by Victory Wetsuits for over 2 years, and has years of ocean experience due to his history as a Junior Lifeguard Instructor.  In his free time, he loves playing golf, hiking, backpacking, and camping.


We work with individuals, treatment centers, IOP's, sober livings, while offering both group and private lessons.  



Life Is A Wave...



We offer group and private lessons as well as discounts for bulk purchases. Contact us today and we will work something out that fits your specific needs. 

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In The Waves of Change...

We Find Our True Direction

" Jack is a wonderful instructor and not only because of his extensive knowledge in surfing. Out on the water I feel comfortable talking about what is going on in my life. I am able to talk freely and be vulnerable with him. A new ritual we have started is meditating before paddling out. It gets my mind right for the session and the rest of the day, for that matter. I appreciate and love surfing today. Jack has been instrumental in my falling in love with the incredible sport."


"For me personally, surfing has been one of the most instrumental activities in building self-confidence, physical health and feeling truly at peace. There's something magical about being in the ocean. I have witnessed Jack Newkirk and his program Salt Water Therapy have a significant impact on the clients at Rise Sober Living. Jack's personal experience and professional approach lends himself perfectly to make a real impact on the quality of recovery in individuals he has worked with. His ability to incorporate safety, water knowledge and genuinely connect with his clients allows for each person to develop confidence and passion for an activity that they can have with them for a lifetime"
"Jack's a one of a kind instructor. And person for that matter. I'm by no means a surfer but when I was out with Jack I felt at home in the water. I learned more that day than I had in years surfing with friends. You can tell he love's teaching, loves surfing, and just loves life in general. Great guy to surf with."

Jonezen, Award Winning Recording Artist

Patrick Murphy, Owner Rise Sober Living


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