Salt Water


An innovate combination of surfing, ocean safety and environmental knowledge, mediation/vizualization and light therapy for all age ranges and skill levels


We are completely ready and capable to handle whatever situation is thrown at us


At Salt Water Therapy we only hire the best of the best. Rest assured knowing your clients/loved ones are in the best hands

All Ages and any skill level

We work with anybody and everybody and can pair clients with the perfect instructor for their needs


Equipment included

No need to worry about gear. Wetsuits and boards are included in every lesson

Our Lessons

Assist in growth and personal development

Provide healthy role models

Provide excellent one-on-one instruction even in a group setting

Teach respect for the ocean, nature, and oneself 

Connect our clients to something bigger than themselves

Create a community of likeminded people and assist in building life-long relationships

Help improve social skills

Reduce anxiety, stress, and depression symptoms

Provide excellent physical activity 

Force clients to get outside of their comfort zone and experience new things

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