Meet The Team


Michelle holds a Master of Social work from USC. She has worked in a multiple treatment dynamics. Along with Saltwater Therapy, Michelle currently works as a Medical Social Worker at St. John’s Medical Center. When not working as a clinician, she is an avid surfer and traveler. Michelle is thrilled to bring her passions of surfing, recovery and helping others to the team.


Jack is a drug and alcohol counselor and RADT. He is a Rescue Relay Champion for the USA, sponsored by Victory Wetsuits for

over 2 years and has years of ocean experience due to his history as a Junior Lifeguard Instructor. He started Saltwater Therapy in 2014 and since then has impacted thousands of people by inspiring and empowering them through sharing his deep passion for the ocean and recovery.


Ben is a CCAPP certified counselor with over 7 years in the treatment profession. After being introduced to Saltwater Therapy he experienced a profound change in the healing properties of the ocean and the comradery of the surfing community. In joining SWT on it’s mission he now helps others push through their self doubt, anxiety, depression and addictions through the surf therapy program. In his free time he loves hiking, photography, any sort of adventure and spending time with his two young children.

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