Why Surfing?

Connect To Something Bigger

There are numerous physical and mental benefits linked to surfing. Apart from the obvious thrill of chasing waves, there is also a scientific reason why we surf and that’s because surfing actually gets you high. The air above the water actually charges you with positive vibes, surfing and happiness are scientifically linked!

Change Happens Outside Your Comfort Zone


The vitamins of the sea

One of surfing’s link to happiness is to do with the sea spray and the ions released from the water after a wave crashes on the shore (or your head!). No wonder we feel so alive when in the ocean, sitting by a crashing waterfall or walking in the mountains. When breathed into our lungs and absorbed by our blood stream these negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase serotonin in our bodies (the happiness chemical) that relives stress and lifts our mood.  Sunlight, radiation or moving air or water can all change the electric charge of an atom or molecule and this is exactly what happens when waves break. This disruption of ions gives us surfers a little boast of vitamins, a gift from the ocean straight into our lungs.


A huge part of sustaining recovery and creating a new life is community. Salt Water therapy fosters that need. Our group lessons are the perfect way to build lasting relationships that are founded on positive activities. 

 As alcoholics and addicts we have to learn in recovery to live life on life’s terms. That means learning how to have meaningful human interaction. Bonding over common interests and while involved in a group activity can yield life long friendships and grow a support system that will be there for years to come when things get tough. 

Physical Activity and Meditation

There's no denying that surfing is a workout. The benefits of physical activity  range far beyond simply the physical. Working out and using your body improves mood, releases chemicals in the brain that increase happiness, provides structure, boosts self-esteem, reduces stress and anxiety and much more. 

Mediation not only assist with emotional regulation and a decrease in stress, but also Individuals who practice meditation gain insights into themselves that help them make decisions that support their physical and mental health and wellbeing. Recovering addicts who keep in touch with themselves through daily meditation are more likely to recognize early warning signs that they may be headed for relapse.

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